Accidental Ideas

Accidental Ideas

is a place where random ideas grow larger than just ideas and become a reality. It is a place for passing moments to hold on to existence for a little while, to become remembered as something solid. It is a place where accidents are nurtured and turned into a garden – it is fabric collections with a theme and a meaning.

There is a little ‘but’ though.

As all ideas, no matter how accidental, tend to pass and eventually be forgotten, and so will our collections. Once a collection is released, it will be available for a certain time. When the collection has been sold out, it will not be restocked later. All AI collections exist only for a certain period of time, and then they are gone. Just like random ideas. And when a collection has been sold out, the online shop will close. As a new collection comes out, the shop will open up again.

And just like all good ideas, our collections come out completely randomly. Sometimes we might get several brilliant ideas a year, sometimes just one. How will you then know about a new collection coming out? Oh, you will, trust us. And how will you know when a collection is almost sold out and soon gone? We will keep you posted if you follow us on social media.

Welcome to the world of beautiful accidents.

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