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AI Terms of delivery


All products are purchased online. After checking out, you will receive a confirmation email including information about the delivery of the products. If you have problems with your purchase or check out, please contact us via email If a product is out of stock or is otherwise undeliverable either entirely or within the promised delivery time, we will contact you immediately.

If you are under 18 years old and wish to make a purchase online, the Finnish legislation requires that you have the permission of your legal guardian to do so.

If you want you can also register as a member of our online shop. In that case, the system will remember your personal information and you will not need to fill them in the next time you shop with us. You will also gain access to your previous purchase data. However, you can also always make a purchase without registering.

All our prices include the current VAT of Finland. Of orders made to Sweden, the VAT is paid to Sweden according to the Swedish VAT.

Customers from outside EU don’t need to pay the VAT, and the final amount without it is shown after choosing the country at the cashier. Please notice there may be some local taxes or other fees for orders outside EU in your own country, and those you need to pay and take care of yourself.

A price of a product can in some exceptional cases be changed later on, should there be a clear error in the pricing or should the price be exceptionally low in relation to the common price level of the market.

Methods of Payment


Klarna Checkout


All purchases are mailed within 3-5 working days of the receival of the order. If you make several separate purchases, we do not, as a rule, combine these purchases into one package. If you wish to add to an earlier order, please choose “Add to an earlier order” as shipping method, and write the number of earlier order to the info field. You can also add AI order to an earlier Nuppu order, or Nuppu order to a AI order.

When choosing the method of delivery, the shopping cart function will automatically suggest methods that are possible for you, and add the cost of delivery into the total sum of the purchase. Purchases worth over 150 EUR will be delivered free of charge in Finland and Sweden. Purchases worth over 200 EUR will be delivered free of charge to other European countries and over 250 EUR (VAT 0 % value) to all over the world.



A letter will be delivered to a home address. A letter does not have a tracking code. Orders worth over 30 EUR will not be delivered as letters.


0–50 g = 1,90 €

50–250 g = 3,00 €

Little package (delivered with mail) = 4,90 €

Letter prices to other countries are shown when choosing the available delivery method.

Orders worth over 30 EUR will not be delivered as letter.

Package to EU

A package can be chosen to be delivered to a nearest post office or package pick up office. After the package has been sent, you will get a tracking code with which you can track your package.

Packages to Finland and Sweden 6,90 €

Packages to Germany and Denmark 9,90 €

Packages to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia 7,90 €

Packages to The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Czech Rebuplic 12,90 €

Shipping to other countries

Mailing price depends on both destination and weight of the package. Our online shop system offers you suitable options for your package.

Return policy

All final products can be returned within 14 days of receiving them. Fabrics that have been cut according to your order and are faultless cannot be returned. Any product that is returned must be in mint condition = good as new. If you wish to return a product, you must pay for the return delivery fee. In case of making a return or a change of product, please contact us via email

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