Accidental Ideas

Yellow Islands

This collection is a half a memory and half a daydream.

“This spring of 2020 has been exceptional in terms of the ongoing pandemic and restrictions in traveling, and suddenly I found myself looking back to my childhood days when I spent most of my summer holidays at my Grandma’s summer cottage. I would find a spot under the trees, listen to the wind and the waves of the lake hitting the rocks, and read. I would travel all around the world and beyond, all in my imagination, and have the best adventures ever. Every now and then Granny and I would take a break from reading and go to the meadow close by or get our raincoats and go searching for chanterelles, and afterwards we would have some tea and listen to the waves again. And continue reading.

Inspiration to the style of the Yellow Islands collection has been drawn from several different sources - the early works of Tove Jansson always take me back to my summer cottage days, and so do many other cartoon illustrators of that era. Cartoons and comics were something we always had huge piles at the cottage, and the black&white illustrations with bold lines is something that I remember admiring already at a very young age.

For some reason, many things at the cottage were yellow. Raincoats were yellow, boots were yellow, the prettiest flowers in the meadow were yellow, flowers in the water were yellow… Yellow, yellow, yellow. I must make a confession - I don’t really like yellow. It’s one of the colors I simply can not wear or have in my home. But it is an essential color in my cottage memories and there was no other color more suitable for the Yellow Islands collection than yellow. And while working on an atlas for children (and drawing dozens of maps) this past year, I suddenly found myself combining these childhood memories into a map. I started seeing islands, separated by waves, and something moving underwater…

This collection is my homage and a tribute to those days spent in the woodland by water - and to imagination, and traveling in it. I vaguely remember that almost every day began with a yellow sunshine.”

Designer, illustrator


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