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AI - Interstellar spaces - Fabric of space time, pink
AI - Interstellar spaces - Fabric of space time, pink
AI Fabric of space time
AI Fabric of space time
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According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, space and time are woven together into one entity, a sort of a fabric called space-time. The presence of matter and energy makes ripples and curves this fabric, like an invisible finger poking a sheet that’s been hung out to dry in the wind, and the way the fabric curves dictates in turn how matter moves. Though we are nothing more than tiny specks of dust in the Universe, we are still a part of the magic fabric, making ripples and moving the way the fabric curves.

95 % organic cotton, 5 % elastane
Weight 220 g/m²
Width approx. 160 cm
40 °C wash, cool tumble dry, iron max. 150 °C (two dots)
May shrink in wash max. 8 %.

Made in Lithuania. 

Öko-tex certified, printed on certified organic jersey.

Minimum order 50 cm.
Ordering unit 10 cm. For example 1 pcs = 10 cm, 5 pcs = 50 cm
and 10 pcs = 1 m.

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